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Household Incubator

Manufacturer and supplier of household incubator in Iran and middle easet

Industrial Incubator

Dqshop is manufacturer and seller of industrial incubators in Iran and the Middle East

Poultry equipment

Supply all hatchery equipment, incubator devices, humidifiers, maintenance cage birds, and etc.

  • What is chicken incubator?
    Incubator mechine is a box that all essential conditions have been taken into consideration. The general principals of incubators are the same weather the very simple ones or the big ones with high capacity.
    In these incubator mechines essential conditions such as that , humidity , venttaion , and turning eggs are fulfilled. Secure internet base purchase of incubator mechines from DQ shop store.
    Consider such yellow sites ing a large number of online selling sites and users lack of trust about connecting with such yellow sites and complaint and unsatisfaction of receive the electronic trust logo and sign DQ shop into web accounting staff of authorized sites to let the respectful customers buy online with one click from their houses , without any special worries.
    Purchase secure and easy online by referring to internet base store , DQ shop , and selecting what you need.Read the information about the the goods paitintly , and then buy them.
  • Our general product include:
    A variety types of quail and partridge breeding kages , breeds , incubator , slaughter house , filling mechines , etc. The needs of using the latst scientific achieve ments in the field of production seems to be necessary regarding to spreading the quail breeding industry in iran our products in the field of producing poultry.
    Products our working along with other competitors in this this regard , the scientific group of partalaee(DQ shop) created bridge between respectful customers and technical needs of producers .
    Our scientific team includes professors and nniversity students , who are experts in the field of birds breeding and with producing knowledge in this industry cooperate with M.S and P.H.D degree students in writing their thesis and proposals relating to quail and other birds.
    Nowadays , according to evidences and customers reviews partalaee DQ shop is the most successful team in producing incabators of birds in different sizes.
    High hatching rate of birds specially incubators of geese and pheasants , iow power consumption , resistsnce of incubator against the power swing , great and widespreading ofter-sale services in iran and neighboring countries. Abserving industrial designing principles in producing incubators , and the most importants points is the quality of output hatched chickens of the incubators , are of our commitments .
    We proudly proriouce that we stepped a head in entrepre neurship and healthy nutrition of people in society and that,s because of consultion and guidance of our experts .
  • Introducing a part of our services and products:
    The incubators sizes vary based on the size of the birds selling full outomatic domestic and industrial incubators with the the capacity of 10 , 30 , 42 , 84 , 126 , 210 , 420 , 588 , 924 , 1850 eggs and industrial incubators with the capacity of 15,000 eggs and higher capacity, to their size of hatching eggs are specified.
    DQ shop works in the field of producing standard cages for partridge and quail breeding that ample cages are available in the DQ shop site.
    Our other poroducts are outomathic and high quality filling mechine of hens , quails , turkey , ducks andgeese and the rest of our products are to see in the DQ shop site.
    Our main goal in DQ birds group is to introduce and produce high quality products , secure guarantee forour products and spreading after-sale services to our customers that our history and record in this field prove it.all you need is to ask our customers about our activities , the quality of our products , and services.
    Now you can contact us for consultation and purchase.
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The site was formed with the participation of some animal husbandry experts and engineer afrabandpei yaser in 1388 . engineer afrabanpei got his associate degree from Tehran jahad keshavarzi university and his bachelors degree in poultry from university of educational complex of jahad keshavarzi of mazandran province. The group entered into this business intending to improve birds, industry in iran and other neighboring countries , and because of interest and being expert in the field of pultry production , we shipped out our products with the latest method targeting destination market.

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